Men, discover how to leverage your personal style to exude confidence,

embrace masculinity and

command respect.

Are You Maximizing Your Potential?

Your Personal Style is entirely within your control. So your choice of clothes signals who you are as a man: your taste, and how you value yourself.
If you're a man who knows how to put himself together, your style will communicate your ability to shape your world according to your will.
And it’s this quality that makes you attractive.
I’m Carol. I’ve been a fashion designer and a stylist for over two decades. 
As a men's style coach I can tell you that nothing looks more handsome and masculine than the time-tested essentials. Trends will always come and go, but the essentials endure.
I prefer to work with men because their mindset for dressing comes from a different perspective:
They want wardrobe solutions that don't require much thought. Men want to de-clutter. They want fewer pieces, fewer variables, fewer complications. They want to look good, but more importantly, they want to look natural in their clothes.
So it's a matter of finding those simple and versatile outfit combinations that work for him.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Ms. Danis was instrumental in upgrading my confidence. What you wear on the outside eventually causes your internal state to align with your external reality."
— Uibin K.

Make Great First Impressions

What you wear, how you wear your clothes, how you style your hair MATTERS in that first interaction with women.
Yes, your character, charm, smarts and great sense of humour matter, but...
... your inside is not what she sees first.

Let Me Help You Transform Your Style

It’s easier than you may think to transform the way women see you. Good style simply comes down to making good purchases... the RIGHT purchases: a handful of pieces that represent who you are and that look good on you.
So what do you really need to know?
👉 What pieces to buy, where to buy them and how they should fit.
👉 How to combine pieces to put sharp outfits together.
That's it. This is what my services give you. Along with my feedback and guidance along the way to ensure you are buying items that align with who you are and to help you put together outfits that look great on you.


Discover how to leverage the power of great personal style to feel like a new man.

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Want to explore private 1:1 coaching with me?

If you would prefer to work with me one-on-one, I do offer premium private style coaching on a more personalized basis.
Explore how we can work together to enhance your attractiveness, make new connections with confidence, and present your best self.
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What My Clients Say

Ms. Danis was instrumental in upgrading my confidence. What you wear on the outside eventually causes your internal state to align with your external reality. I've learned so much that changing the way you view yourself through external change can significantly boost your self esteem. I cannot recommend Ms. Danis's program enough. 

Thank you,

— Uibin K.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the large part you have played in my transformation. Admittedly, I used to be fairly naive about clothing in general and what went well with what. But shortly after you and I started working together and I added several pieces to my everyday wardrobe, I noticed two things: I felt more confident and I started to get more looks from strangers. In fact, for the first time in my adult life, a woman turned around to look at me after she had walked by. I was wearing a new watch, sport coat, shirt, slacks and shoes you helped me pick out. The previous version of me would have been wearing a pair of jeans, an old shirt and running sneakers as well as a plain old Apple watch.

I am eternally grateful to you for your help.

— Jonathan G.

Working with Carol has truly transformed my social life. In the past, I hesitated to attend certain events because I never felt I had the right clothes. Even when I did show up, I was often self-conscious and not fully present. Carol's guidance has freed me up to be more social and engaged in conversations. And because I’m more into it, others are more responsive and this all leads to more meaningful connections. 

What surprised me most was the impact on my confidence. I never realized how much a well-put-together outfit could boost self-esteem. I feel better and carry myself better. I’ve even caught women taking glances my way - an unexpected perk! 

The best part is that Carol didn't try to turn me into a runway model or overwhelm me with the latest trends. Instead, we built realistic outfits for both my professional and casual life. Her system takes the pain and hassle out of buying clothes. I’ll work with her again for Spring! 

Thanks, Carol!

— Adam H.

Carol is focused and attentive with her style consultation. I was very pleased with getting prepared in a short amount of time, before my dates. This has helped greatly with first impressions and expanded my opportunities. This includes getting numbers, follow up multiple dates, and great romantic experiences with decent, quality women. I would recommend her style services in navigating today’s dating atmosphere.

Thank you,

— CG

Working with Carol was super easy. Communication was great and my shopping experience was a breeze knowing that Carol was right there with me. Everything I bought was perfect and felt super confident when going on my dates. I wasn’t focused if I was dressed appropriately. I could really be present with my date. Carol saved me time, effort and money. Especially not liking shopping and not knowing where to go. I would highly recommend her style services!


— Joshua H.